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Autopilot for fixed wing, multirotor and rover system UAVs, flight data logger for mission monitoring. Independent UASs, outdoor and indoor navigation, swarm and self organization. PX4 flight stack, SILT and HILT using Gazebo simulator.


Embedded systems based on AVR and ARM architecture. RTOS for performance optimization in real-time, and the security: FreeRTOS, ChibiOS, NuttX, Linux/RT codes. ROS, serial buses and TCP/IP fieldbuses, IoT, smart devices.


Ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and network security. Training and dissemination of issues related to the privacy protection, cyber security and data protection.

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Technology is our passion but never our end.
Technology is a means for resolving problems and permitting people a better life.
This is our objective, we put our passion to your service.

We give the utmost importance to the planning and development of the workflow. In order to guarantee maximum transparency, we prepare frequent reports and periodically release updates of our software. We dedicate the greatest care to monitoring all results and to commissioning. Our mantra is test, test and test again.

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Every project has its own story:
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