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algoritmo is an Italian company based in Turin. We design and develop software technology for UAVs (aircraft commonly known as drones), aviation and robotics.

What makes us stand out is our multidisciplinary approach, our team is made up of professionals from different fields and approaches, this gives us an edge, allowing us to offer solutions that cover the most disparate needs. Every project is developed on its own right so as to satisfy our client’s requirements to the full. needs

algoritmo, has right from the start, worked with research institutes, this has permitted continuous contact with the most avant-garde technology, guaranteeing excellent standards

our history

Founded in Switzerland in 2009, “AerialView Technologies” specialized in the design and planning of UAVs (or drones) for industrial and research applications. The know-how matured from this experience has led to the creation of “Algoritmo”. Enriched by the addition of new professional expertise, algoritmo can offer not only applications for unmanned UVA systems, but also applications in Embedded, Robotics, Precise Localization and General Aviation.